THE DOOR نمايش " در "

نمايش " در "  
نويسنده و كارگردان: مهدي مشهور، طراح صحنه: سعيد حسنلو، بازي گران: شيوا مكي نيان، مينا زمان،
بعد از اجراهاي موفق در جشن واره ي آوينيون فرانسه، نيويورك، سوئد، آلمان، اين بار در جشن واره فرينج تورنتو٢٠١٧
Saye theatre
Created by the company


"The Door" tells us the untold stories of the people who we see many of them daily, but do not give
them a chance to talk about their situations. It opens a window to their lonely moments. The writer
gives his voice to the unheard and shows his commitment to the crises our world is dealing with.

The Door is an international artwork that everyone needs to watch. The first play from Persia, It will contribute something new to the Toronto Fringe in introducing Middle East culture and Persian music to theatre audiences.
محل برگزاری Toronto The Fringe of Toronto Theatre Festival 204-688 Richmond Street W. Toronto, Ontario Canada M6J 1C5
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